How To Have the PERFECT Instagram Feed✨

Hey guys! So wow, I haven’t been on my blogging game for a while now, and I am so sorry about that:( However, I’ve been on Instagram so much lately that I decided what better way to get back in the game than to talk about insta!

Instagram is my most used social media app. 75% of the time on my phone is spent on Instagram so I like for my feed to look as good as it can possibly be. I established my feed by first posting colors that I love. You may notice that the  tones in my feed are warmer tones. It is very autumn like. This is because the warm tones are my favorite kind of colors so it was easy for me to post about it. Your feed does not have to be just one color either. Mine is a variety of different colors but they all follow together very nicely. It is okay to occasionally post something that completely stands out in terms of color! It’ll blend in after you post a couple of more pictures of your normal feed colors (Also a tip: if you ever want to post a picture and are unsure if it matches your feed, post it in black wand white! That way it’ll flow better). Make sure you are having fun with it! I know people who get stressed out over their feed but make sure you are posting what you love and enjoy. That’s the most important part 
Lots of love guys:)

Xx. Han

Instagram: @hannahhopemathews

Twitter: @hannahhhopee


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