What I Got For My Birthday!

Hello lovelies! So, last Thursday (which was September 8th) was my 15th birthday and I figured after I had gotten all my gifts/know what I will be receiving I will share with you what I got!


My big present this year was a new phone. I broke my phone about 2 or so weeks prior to receiving a new one. I had the iPhone 5c before and I got the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold as one of my birthday presents from my amazing parents:



The next thing I got was from my dad, and I was so so so happy when I got this. And that was a giant teddy bear. Costco sells the really big ones so my dad got me a gray one so it would match my room. (I named him Jimmy lol):

Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 9.51.32 PM.png


It is a tradition of mine where every year on my birthday I skip school and go to the mall/out to eat with my mom. This year, my mom and I went to Pandora to check out some rings and my mom got my the “My Princess”Ring. It is the silver one. Basically everyone has this but it was very special to me.



For my birthday, since it isn’t a big year, I went out to dinner with 6 of my friends. (It was supposed to be 8 but 2 unfortunately couldn’t make it). We went to a place called NoDa (When In North Carolina…), took pictures there, and went to a restaurant called Cabo Fish Taco. I don’t like seafood and even though they are known for their fish tacos, their entire menu is extremely delicious. My amazing friends all got wonderful gifts for me that they definitely did not need to do.


My friend Yvonne got me such a sweet gift.  She got me a beautiful necklace, a mug with tea packs inside (because she knows how much I love tea), and a really pretty nail polish!


My friend Anna also got me an amazing gift that hasn’t come in yet, but I screamed when I found out. She bought me the Kylie Jenner Birthday Edition Liquid Lipsticks. I mentioned in another post before how much I wanted  a matte lipstick by Kyle and I am seriously so excited to receive this gift. It was so sweet of her! Also expect a review/swatches of the 6 colors it comes with!


I also got plenty of gift cards which I actually really love getting! It gives me the ability to satisfy my shopping habits without hurting my wallet. I am addicted to online shopping and shopping in general so I am incredibly thankful to:

My best friend Sammy: PINK Gift Card

Emory: Pacsun Gift Card

Emily: AE Gift Card

& Katie: Forever 21 Gift Card

I love you guys so much!

Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 9.50.17 PM.png

I also got a gorgeous picture frame from my friend Morgan and the beautiful necklace above from my sister, Abi!


I wanted to say thank you all for making my birthday special! I love you lots


Han. Xx




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