Hello lovelies! I am back today to share with you guys all the thoughts that have been going through my mind lately. Obviously, life can get very hectic. It is bound to happen. But sometimes in the midst of all the craziness and the struggles, you have to sit back and think, “well damn, I’m blessed”. In my case, I go about my day complaining about things so petty and so stupid. I am too caught up in the silly things that go wrong or wondering about my self worth, that I do not stop and think about life. Just life. And all the amazing people I’ve been blessed with or all the things I possess that I take for granted. Lately, I have been kind of down. Down about my appearance, down because I think I am never good enough. I’ve just been in a rut of emotions what with school starting back and all the stress that comes with that. And as I was talking to my friend Samiyah or @sammybeautyblogger (she’s my amazing best friend, go check her out), I just felt an overwhelming amount of gratefulness for her. My best friend has heard me rant on and on about things that do not actually matter, like boys or appearance, and every time I tell her things she is always here to listen to me and make me feel so good about whatever situation I am in.  She knows how to brighten my day and I love her for that. I don’t know what I would do without my best friend, and yet I still complain about so many dumb things. Can you imagine not having that one person you love, that you can say anything to, be in your life? I couldn’t even fathom that, but again, I am so caught up on everything else. Another thing I take for granted way to much is my mom. My mother has given her life to raising me and taking care of me. And even with all that, even still, it infuriates me when I do not get my way. I know deep down that my parents only want what is best for me, yet I still give them so much crap if what they say is not what I want. School is another thing I take for granted right now. I know, school sucks. It’s awful, we all know. But, just think of the thousands upon thousands of kids who do not get an education like you do. School is such a big blessing and honor to be able to do. To further your knowledge is a great thing. At the end of the day, if you are reading this right now that means you are blessed. Whatever device you are using to read this is a blessing. No matter what walks of life you have been through, just know, you are so blessed. Remember to be thankful for everything you ave. Don’t live your life in the negative, but be positive and optimistic. Another thing to remember is that you are all beautiful. No matter what you think or  others may say, you are all amazing and beautiful. I love you guys and have an amazing day.






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