My Vacation Workout Routine!

When you’re on vacation, it’s very easy to just relax and eat food and not move your body at all. As much as that sounds amazing, it’s not healthy at all for your body. Most of the time when I go on vacation the hotels will have gyms. And more recently I’ve been getting into working out more frequently. So I try to bring my home workout routine to wherever I’m going πŸ™‚ 

I first get my heart rate up and start with the simple bike machine. I’m usually on the machine for at least 30 minutes so I get at minimum 7 miles. I have a bike machine at home and I’ll usually do at least 10 miles there. 

To cool myself off a bit I’ll  usually do a machine that is more muscle based to work out my quads or my calves. I’ll do about 100 or so reps of whatever machine I’m on. 

Then I’ll use the abdominal crunch machine and do about 50 reps of that. 
After that workout I’ll do exercises that work out my abs and my glutes. This usually consists of:

  • 50 sit-ups
  •  50 crunches
  • 100 sumo and regular squats
  • 50 glute bridges 
  • 50 sit-ups again

After I finish I usually end with a leisure stroll on the beach or on the treadmill. And that’s my routine!!
Han. Xx πŸ™‚


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