HELLO LOVES!! I know, I know, I haven’t written in forever! Honestly I don’t have any excuses other than school and life itself but IM BACK FOR MORE! Today has been a great day for me. I took a little brain break before things start to get hectic with exams and my sister graduating and stuff so I didn’t go to school and I took pictures for you guys throughout the day! Enjoy!!💖

So I started off the day going to an awards ceremony for my sister (she’s the one in the middle)  She’s incredible at speaking French so she was recognized with an award for that today. (Don’t mind the picture) 

After the awards ceremony my mom took my brother and I out for brunch (my sister stayed at school since they had a paint war). We went to the amazing breakfast/lunch place called Toast. The food there is outstanding and I had been craving pancakes since Sunday so I got myself some chocolate chip pancakes with bacon. It was heavenly and I’m craving it again while writing this!

Let’s break for a little OOTD shall we? …

Purse- Urban Outfitters

Booties- Nordstrom

Denim Shirt- J. Crew

Romper (yes the striped thing is a romper)- Urban Outfitters

Bralette- Urban Outfitters

Necklace- Forever 21

And I included my speaker here because I’ve literally been using it all day today. It’s the best thing when you want to jam out out in your room or with your friends or anything for that matter. I highly suggest getting a Bluetooth speaker for yourselves. You can easily find them on amazon! 

After lunch, my mom split ways with my brother and I to go to work so we ran a few errands. We went to Trader Joes to pick up a few groceries and I didn’t get to take any pictures there. We also went to Marshalls to pick up a pair of shoes for my little brother and I also didn’t get any pics there either. But after that we went to chickfila and I picked up there Southwestern Salad and it is actually quite good. Go and buy yourselves one!

When I got back home I was a little tired so I was laying down and watched a little Netflix. I saw this movie, 6 Years, and I had been wanting to watch it so I did. It was so good. It made me cry at some parts. It was just a very real movie. If you have Netflix and you’re into drama/independent movies go watch this one!

After a little Netflix my mom finally came home from work and we went out for milkshakes. Afterwards when we got home my dad had brought pizza for dinner. I actually haven’t eaten it yet but I will after I finish writing this! My parents left shortly after for date night, my sister went out with friends and my brother went to work so its my little brother and I left home with all this pizza. We plan on watching harry potter and just chilling so that is what my day has been! I love you guys lots and I will see you guys tomorrow! 

Hannah. Xx
PS : 



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