When In North Carolina…

Hey guys! So I decided to make my 3rd post in my “When in…” series about North Carolina. I do live here and, although it is no where near as amazing the life of being in New York, there are fun things to do! Since my family loves to find different things to do, I have created a list of things you should do while in North Carolina! (mainly Charlotte since I live there)! ENJOY!


In Charlotte City itself, there are a lot of things to do! One of my favorite things to do though is go to NoDa. This place is on NOrth DAvidson Ave. and it is honestly the cutest place in all of Charlotte! There are so many places to take nice pictures! My sister even got her Senior pictures done there! Right in NoDa there is a place called Amelie’s which is a 24/7 French Bakery. They sell the best macaroons and their lattes are also really great! In NoDa there are also tons of cute boutiques you can go to! Though they might sometimes be a little overpriced, it’s still so much fun to go look in them and see all the cute artwork and decor! Uptown Charlotte is also really nice! My family and I go there a lot in the Summer and just walk around. They have a place called 7th Street Market that we go to all the time! My favorite places in the market are Cloud 9 Coffee and Hazelnut Crepes!



There may not be as many events in Charlotte as there are in New York but there are quite a few! Starting off, Charlotte has a lot of small little festivals or events, like in the summer we have Food Truck Friday which is really great! If you are ever here in the Summer I definitely recommend going! I had some pretty great food/dessert the times I went! We also have quite a few concerts that come through here as well! I am going to two concerts (it was supposed to be three but Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato cancelled their show here because of North Carolina’s stupid laws…that’s a whole different story) this Summer, neither of them are in Charlotte though(the Nick Jonas one would have been), one is in Raleigh and the other one is in Charleston (which is SC). But, I have been to a couple of concerts here in Charlotte! Another great thing that happened was we hosted a soccer game here in Charlotte! My family and I are huge soccer fans! We love watching soccer! We got to see Chelsea vs. PSG!! Chelsea won so my brother and I were quite happy (not the rest of my family ahaha).


There are also a lot of places to go to outside of Charlotte as well! My favorite being Asheville, North Carolina! I love Asheville! It’s so much fun! We have been to Asheville so many times but I never get tired of it! I love hiking up there and then going to downtown Asheville! They have REALLY good food in Asheville! The best I have had in North Carolina has been in Asheville! When in North Carolina you should also go the their beaches! I have never been to the Outerbanks but I heard it is amazing! I have been to Wilmington (for all my oth fans) and it is very nice! My brother used to go to college in Wilmington so we went there often!


I hope you guys loved this post! Comment below what you would like to see from me or if you have ever been to North Carolina! Love you all!

Hannah. Xx


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