Naked 3 Palette Dupe: Hot or Not?

I was in Target and I saw the ‘Maybelline The Blushed Nudes’ palette, immediately I was reminded of the Naked 3 Palette so I bought it to compare the two together. I have used the Naked 3 Palette on multiple occasions so I thought maybe this could be my Holy Grail so I would not have to spend $54 on a palette at Sephora. So is this palette worth buying? Absolutely! I compared many colors on this palette to those on the Naked 3 and they are almost a perfect match! Not only that, but the pigmentation of the shadow itself is I find to be outstanding! Another plus is that some of the shadows on this palette are matte! This shadow stay on your eyes for quite a while WITHOUT having to apply primer. Considering you are paying only $9.99 (in the US), I think this is a steal. The packaging is also very cute. It comes in a small pink case with a clear front and a small dual-sided brush. The on downfall maybe that there is no mirror in this palette, but that is a very small one. Overall I think this is a great palette! Definitely worth buying! For those of you looking for it, you can find it at Target, Ulta, CVS, and other places like this.

(these pictures are not my own)


Hello lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this! Love you all

Hannah. Xx


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