My Anti-Bucket List

Many people like to share about their bucket lists and what they’d love to die before they die. And I love sharing that too! But, not many people share what they hope they don’t do before they die so I decided I’m going to bring you my TOP 15 Anti-Bucket List Things: 

1. Train myself to be a morning person

No matter how hard I try, I never ever will be a morning person so why even bother? 

2. Solve A Rubix Cube

 Don’t think I need to waste my time on that to be honest. 

3. Go Hunting

I will never touch a gun. Especially to kill a living thing

4. Be President

Being president is definitely NOT fun. It’s a very stressful job and you yourself are at risk everyday of your life. Not my type of living

5. Get Plastic Surgery

I will love me for me. But hey if that’s your thing you do you! And don’t let anyone stop you!

6. Drive Stick-Shift

Not something I would enjoy doing. It would not end well, let’s  just put it that way

7. Buy A New Car

Even if I had the money what’s the point? It loses value hella quick so buy a used car that’s one years old if it means that much. 

8. Run A Marathon

Even though I’m on the track team… still not my idea of fun. 

9. Spend A Crap Load of Money in Vegas

I will never waste the amount of money a list of people waste while in Vegas. Of course I’ll spend and of course I’ll go but if you think I’m going to blow $1000 gambling then you’re wrong

10. Fail A Class

Call me a nerd but this is literally one of my worst fears. 

11. Get Arrested 

While having fun and having a wild side is all fun I don’t think I’ll ever go as far as to getting arrested. That’d be pretty bad

12. Move to LA

As much as I’d love visiting I couldn’t ever imagine living somewhere like LA. I guess if you’re from New York than LA is a completely different place. 

13. Camp Out To Meet A Celebrity

It’s crazy to me how some people camp out in hopes that rhymed possibly meet their favorite celebrity. It’s not worth my time. 

14. Like Country Music

I have never liked country music and I never will. Plain and simple. Never. 

15. Give Up My Dream For Someone Else

I’m sorry but if in the future my boyfriend or husband or friend asks me to adapt or do something that requires me to stop being me and forget all my dreams then I’m sorry but it’s not happening. 
Hello lovely people! Hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know what you’d like to see or if you’d like to see my top 15 bucket list! Love you all!! 

Hannah. Xx


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