4 Ways To Relax & Destress

I know with school and work comes LOTS of stress and anxiety. It’s awful. Sometimes you want to cry, sometimes you want to punch something, sometimes you want to sit and binge on 3 seasons of Parks & Rec….yah…I know. But there are plenty of things you can do to destress! 

One of my favorite things to do in general is take bathes. I know a lot of people do this but it honestly is just so amazing. It’s really good for calming your nerves and just relaxing. So especially when you’re stressing out about something, lighting a couple of candles, playing some soft music and just relaxing in a bath is definitely something that will keep you zen and stress-free!

Whether you play the piano, the ukelele, or even the guitar like me (his name is Stiles), playing music definitely calmed me down. Even if I just grab my guitar and strum three chords over and over again it helps me breathe a little bit better and just keeps me so cozy and at home. If you love playing an instrument, this is something I recommend for sure! Even if you don’t play one, try picking up an instrument! This is how I started learning how to play guitar!

My journal, as mentioned in my travel essentials, goes with me everywhere. It’s definitely one of my needs.if I need to rant about something or someone and I don’t want to tell anybody, you have no idea how helpful it is to just write your thoughts and feelings out. It feels so good afterwards!

At some point I your tumblr or blogging experience you have seen or heard of an adult coloring book. And boy when I tell you these are literally the best things ever created you believe it because they are. Just focusing on these simple intricate designs literally washes every bit of stress I have away. I could spend hours and hours coloring in one of these pages. They are so useful! If you see one in the store definitely pick one up! You won’t regret it!

I really hope you found this post to be helpful. I found myself stressing over many things this week and always went back to these things as a destresser. They really work!!

Hannah. Xx


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