When in Rio…✈️

Oh Brazil. By far my favorite place that I’ve ever been to out of the country! It’s honestly so beautiful. If you’re a city, beach, and mountain person I definitely recommend living in Rio De Janeiro. You get the best of the best because while you’re chilling at the beach you have the city right behind you and a view of the mountains in front of you. One beach that is extremely popular and well known is Ipanema Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to so many!  If you are ever in Rio definitely go there! It’s also lined with little tents that sell cute trinkets that you can stack up in for yourself and friends and family at home.Here’s a picture I took while at Ipanema:

Another place I highly recommend go is the famous “Christ the Redeemer” or “Cristo Redentor” statue. The statue itself is absolutely beautiful and the view you get of Rio and places around Rio from way up there is absolutely amazing! Here’s a picture I took of Cristo Redentor:

And for all of you soccer fans out there, like myself, it was a huge deal for me to visit THE Americana soccer Stadium! I even got to watch the local Rio team (Flamengo) play in action! It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget and the tickets for the games are extremely cheap! Definitely check it out! Here’s a picture of an all red stadium for Flamengo that I took:

There are also plenty of other activities that you can do while in Rio. If you dare, you can go parasailing. As long as you are not scared of heights and you have a stomach for jumping off cliffs I 10/10 recommend doing this!  Although I’ve never done it it’s definitely a highlight! You’ll get to see Rio in a whole different way! Here’s a picture I took of the landing area during the sunset in Rio:

One of my favorite things I did while on this trip was snorkeling! We took a boat out to deeper waters and went snorkeling and I can tell you one thing, Brazil has such an amazing underwater life. It will blow your mind to see all of the beautiful fishes; all different sizes and so many wonderful colors!  We didn’t do this in Rio but you candy it in Rio if you get the chance to!

There are so many amazing things to do, see, and EAT! Brazil has the most amazing food! I know acai is a huge thing nowadays but you don’t know acai until you try it in Brazil! It is absolutely amazing there! I have to admit I was kind of obsessed!
No matter what you’re doing in Rio De Janeiro you’re bound to have lots of fun! If your contemplating going there, DO IT!! It’s absolutely amazing and beautiful and wonderful and you won’t regret it!!

Hannah. Xx

(There’s no filter on this sunset btw)


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