When In NYC…✈️

Growing up most of my life in New York, you could say I know my way around. Obviously, being a HUGE city there are tons of things to do! All you have to do is hop on the metro train station and you’ll find yourself at Grand Central 

Yes Grand Central. The grand central we see Serena at in the first episode of Gossip Girl. It is a very beautiful building and within grand central itself there are so many things to do. While in Grand Central make sure you make a stop at Cafe Grumpy. Arguably one of the best coffee shops in NYC.  

Once you leave grand central there are endless possibilities and places to go to. But make sure you’re in for tons of walking! If you walk about 45 minutes away from GCS (grand central station) into Greenwich Village you’ll find yourself at my favorite park (besides Central Park of course) in New York- Washington Square Park. Located in an NYU campus, you honestly could just sit here for hours writing, drawing, reading, and just relaxing. It’s very beautiful.  

About 5 minutes away from Washington Square Park is a place called Umami Burger. They serve possibly the best burgers I have ever had in my entire life. Everything is absolutely delicious! I definitely suggest the Korean-BBQ burger and the truffle fries. You won’t be disappointed.  

And to finish off your night make your way over to ANY karaoke place. New York is filled with them. No matter who you’re with, if you get a private room at a karaoke bar you will have yourself a night that you will never forget trust me :). 

There are SO many more things to do when in New York. Want to see any more posts about it? Let me know in the comments below! Xx. 


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