Room Inspiration & An Easy DIY

So one of my few hobbies is decorating my room. I am very picky about my room and find myself wanting to change up my room constantly. Unfortunately it takes money and lots of time to keep changing up your room so I have some simple ideas and ways you can easily switch up your room! 
1. Fairy lights:
I can’t tell you how much fairy lights can change up your room. My room light was very dull and dark and when I added my fairy lights to my room, not only did it brighten my room up but it also made it look much cuter and more “tumblr” looking. Haha. They’re are really easy to find too. If they are not in your storage room from Christmas then you can easily find them at target, Walmart, pretty much anywhere. These lights also come in handy for photoshoots with friends and family !

2. Tapestries And/Or Blankets:
I guess nowadays tapestries are the big thing and I hopped on that trend and bought myself a tapestry for only $10 on Amazon! You can find tapestries everywhere online! Don’t think you have to spend $50 at urban outfitters! You can even find some for under $10 online! And if you can’t buy yourself a tapestry then simply hang up a printed blanket on your wall! Not only do I have a tapestry but I also haves patterned blanket Hanging from my wall as well! It’s not as bad as it may sound!

 Here’s the tapestry-

And here’s the blanket- 

3. Cozy Study Corner:

Another thing I have done to fill in empty space and to make a cute seating area is I made a study nook. By simply taking throw blankets of some sort and some throw pillows and putting it together, you can easily make a cute little seating area. I use my seating area to read, study, write in my journal, and watch movies on my laptop! It is actually very useful! Here’s how I put mine together- 

4. Inspo Wall

Probably my favorite part of my room is my DIY Inspo wall. It is the cheapest part of my room yet my favorite because I took everything I love and all my goals and simplify printed out pictures of them and stuck it on my wall. It’s as simple as that. You don’t even need to use colored print. I used black and white and it still looks really great. Find what you love and some of your goals easily on line and copy it on to word or google drive and simply print it out. You can even make some of the pictures bigger than others for more of an effect. Also by hanging your fairy lights above your pictures it will make it look 10x better!  

I really hope this helped some of you guys! Thanks so much for reading!


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