Love Yourself <3

One thing I constantly struggle with and people I know constantly struggle with is loving myself. I always find myself comparing me to other people like; “oh she’s gorgeous look at me” or “wow look at all that talent and beauty and then I’m here looking like a potato” when really I have so much that I should be thankful for. The problem with me is I’m constantly looking at what others have that I don’t see how truly blessed I am. For example, and I hate to bring this up, but although I may not be stick skinny I am very healthy. And I’m tall and I have really curly hair! Like there’s so much I can say that I completely blow off because I’m constantly looking at everyone else. I want everyone to just stop and think about how kick-ass you all are. You’re all amazing and beautiful and handsome! Just think about everything you have going towards you the next time you are feel down. Think about the amazing person you are and how even through you may feel lonely, first off you have the whole internet family and you will always have someone to go to no matter what. Don’t even feel lonely or sad or unwanted because you are all amazing and you should live yourselves the way you are! Or else how are you supposed to live anyone else? It all starts with living and accepting yourself just the way you are 🙂  that also includes doing what you love no matter what others think! So if that means binge watching Netflix in bed all day while eating three bags of Doritos then go for it. If that means traveling around the world then do it. Whatever makes you happy. Just do it 



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