Music Musts: Top 10 Summer Jams🌊

Hey guys! So music is definitely an essential in day to day life but ESPECIALLY when traveling, and I’ve done a fair amount of traveling recently. I’m currently in Colombia so I needed some good music to travel with. My current favorite music is all off of my playlist called “alt trap/chill” on spotify! Go check it out!

1. Begin by Shallou (feat. Wales)

This song is such a jam. Especially when you’re in an airplane and you’re looking out the window. Ugh! Fits the mood perfectly!

2. Better Give U Up by FKJ

Another good travel song but this one specifically when you’re driving. I love it. 

3. Chateau by Blackbear

First of all, I love Blackbear with a passion. I recently saw him in concert and it was amazing. This song is so fun to sing along to with friends. 

4. Cherry Hill by Russ

Russ is definitely an artist that I 100% stand behind. He’s a lyrical genius and an amazing musician. Please do yourself a favor and listen to him. 

5. Digital Kids by Vicktor Taiwò

A must. That’s all I have to say. 

6. Easily by Bruno Major

A great rainy day song. And there has been quite a few rainy days this summer. It’s really beautiful. 

7. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man-The Medasin Remix

I’ve been listening to this NONSTOP. Such I’m great song I’m telling you 

8. Get You by Daniel Caesar (feat. Kali Uchis)

Such a beautiful song. The words are beautiful. The music is beautiful. Everything is so beautiful.  

9. The Other by Saìgo

Another great summer song. Listen to it whilst laying on a beach and reading. Perfect day. 

10. Young, Dumb, & Broke by Khalid

Khalid is a new artist that I’ve been loving. This song just reminds me of teenage mischief and that comes around especially during the summer time. 


Travel Diary: Medellin, Colombia🇨🇴

Traveling to a different country always comes with a different mixture of emotions. On one hand your mind is like “woah! new country! culture! food! woah!” and on the other you’re like “well this is different from what I’m used to”. For me, the majority of my mind conforms to the former rather than the latter. But this time, it’s kind of different. I took a flight from JFK to MDE yesterday. It was a long day of travel, which can be fun, but also exhausting. Traveling has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember! My family has always loved to travel in and out of the country so it’s always fun because we are always together! But this time, again, it’s different. It’s different because I’m traveling solo for the first time, me, a fifteen year old girl. I’m here for a multitude of reasons to keep me preoccupied but my mind is with my two brothers in India, my sister in Charlotte, and my parents getting ready to go to Dublin and Athens. So yes, we are a huge traveling family. Currently I’m suffering from minor sickness due to the travel. The apartment I’m staying in has a killer view. The food (though I have yet to try some) I know is killer, and I’m drinking ginger tea while listening/looking at the bustling city. Everything (besides the sickness) is looking up! So why am I so sidetracked? I read an article yesterday talking about how people are so used to the lives they have that when they go and experience something new, something more wonderful, it’s hard to fully enjoy. I wondered why that was. Why are our minds so self centered? What’s easy for me? What’s convenient for me? What do I want? You have to make a conscious effort to be like ” DAMN. Look at the life I’m living right now! Who cares where I’m staying is smaller than I’m used to? Who cares that there is no AC? Who cares that my parents aren’t with me or I don’t know anybody?” Because once you and I get over that mindset, you’re guaranteed to have a kickass time. And while I lay in bed now, with my tea, looking out at the city, I know that the time I spend here is going to be the time of my life



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ABH Modern Renaissance Palette: Review & Swatches

Hello loves! I just came back from a weekend trip with my best friend to New York which was absolutely amazing (There will be a post about that)! While in SoHo, we happened to pop in Sephora because when there’s a sephora available, you just have to go. I had been debating on buying the Modern Renaissance Palette since August of last year and I finally caved in and bought it. Let me tell you, it was the best $45 I’ve ever spent in my life. After buying the Palette, I immediately used it for the broadway show that we were going to see. The colors in the palette are extremely buttery and so blendable. It was so easy to apply and build on. I actually had to be careful not to pick up too much with my brush because the colors are so vibrant and pigmented. The colors in the palette are so fitting for everyone’s skin tones. It’s really beautiful on everyone and for ever occasion. The packaging itself is extremely beautiful as well. It comes in a nude pink suede cover that says Modern Renaissance on it in white. The only downside to this whole Palette is that the palette cover gets dirty really easily, however that is inevitable with any palette. Overall, this palette is the best that I’ve ever used or owned, better than some of the Givenchy and Chanel palettes/ trios that I have used. I definitely recommend everyone to buy it!! You will not be disappointed. Another bonus is that it’s not as expensive as most high quality palettes! This palette is an all around win, trust me!! Enjoy the swatches and makeup look below!

Tempera to Cyprus Umber (Left to Right)^^

Raw Sienna to Realgar (Left to Right)^^

Look how beautiful the packaging and colors are!!

The colors used in this eye look are; Vermeer, Primavera, Red Ochre, and Venetian Red:) 
Han. Xx

How To Have the PERFECT Instagram Feed✨

Hey guys! So wow, I haven’t been on my blogging game for a while now, and I am so sorry about that:( However, I’ve been on Instagram so much lately that I decided what better way to get back in the game than to talk about insta!

Instagram is my most used social media app. 75% of the time on my phone is spent on Instagram so I like for my feed to look as good as it can possibly be. I established my feed by first posting colors that I love. You may notice that the  tones in my feed are warmer tones. It is very autumn like. This is because the warm tones are my favorite kind of colors so it was easy for me to post about it. Your feed does not have to be just one color either. Mine is a variety of different colors but they all follow together very nicely. It is okay to occasionally post something that completely stands out in terms of color! It’ll blend in after you post a couple of more pictures of your normal feed colors (Also a tip: if you ever want to post a picture and are unsure if it matches your feed, post it in black wand white! That way it’ll flow better). Make sure you are having fun with it! I know people who get stressed out over their feed but make sure you are posting what you love and enjoy. That’s the most important part 
Lots of love guys:)

Xx. Han

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Music Musts: Fall Jams🍁

Hello loves! So, being that SPOTIFY is my best friend, I am always creating new playlists and updating my favorites. So here are my TOP favorites/ my fall jams. Enjoy! 

1. Gooey by The Glass Animals


3. Let’s Go by Khalid

4. Location by Khalid

5.  A Change of Heart by The 1975

6. Dang! by Mac Miller featuring Anderson .Paak

7. Deja Vu by Post Malone featuring Justin Bieber

8. Fireside by Arctic Monkeys

9. Season 2 Episode 3 by The Glass Animals

10. Life Itself by The Glass Animals

11. Cherry Wine by Hozier

12. Habits of My Heart by Jaymes Young

13. Way Down We Go by KALEO

14. pink skies by LANY

15. Ophelia by The Lumineers

16. Resolution by Matt Corby

17. Dazzle by Oh Wonder

18. Heart Hope by Oh Wonder

19. Body Gold by Oh Wonder

20. Bloom by The Paper Kites 

21. Go F*** Yourself by Two Feet (AMAZING SONG GUYS)

22. Caroline by Aminé

23. Vampire by Lazyboy Empire

24. Weight In Gold (Ta-ku Remix) by Gallant

25. Guru by Coast Modern 
Han. Xx 

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Hello lovelies! I decided today to do a fall OOTD because after school I got to go to a pumpkin patch during golden hour! It was quite beautiful and I really liked my outfit so here ya go!:

shoes: chuck taylor “brea” converse

dress: forever 21 (on sale!)

denim shirt: j crew

necklace: francesscas 

HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED! I love Fall so I’m so excited to write more posts! 
Hannah. Xx

Review: Kylie Cosmetic Mini Matte Birthday Edition Liquid Lipsticks

Hello Lovelies and happy Fall! SO for my birthday, on of my amazing friend’s, Anna, got me the Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Birthday Edition set. I was so shocked and so happy that she would get it for me especially since her and I have been talking about Kylie products for forever! Overall, I think the set is great! I will definitely use 4 out of the 6 shades. The mini lipsticks work just as well as the normal size lipsticks! They stay for quite a while, even after I eat and drink water. Overall, it is a great product because I know now the lip kits that I definitely want to get in full size. I just have a couple of complaints. The darkest shade in the kit, Leo, is a bit streaky. It takes about three coats to fully cover my lips with this color without there being harsh lines. Three coats ends up looking a little too thick on my lips and peels off sometimes. This only happens with Leo. You need a bit more product to show the beautiful dark color. The only two shades I most definitely can not use are Koko K and Exposed. I find these colors to be way to light on my brown skin. It just does not look right. These are the colors I most definitely will not buy in full size! I have to say, Kristen and Candy K are my absolute favorites! I know the set is sold out on the website itself but if you are looking to buy Kylie’s products, I definitely recommend Dolce K, Candy K, Kristen and Leo! I will be buying more hopefully soon! I will definitely do more reviews of these babies! Love you guys!




Han. Xx

What I Got For My Birthday!

Hello lovelies! So, last Thursday (which was September 8th) was my 15th birthday and I figured after I had gotten all my gifts/know what I will be receiving I will share with you what I got!


My big present this year was a new phone. I broke my phone about 2 or so weeks prior to receiving a new one. I had the iPhone 5c before and I got the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold as one of my birthday presents from my amazing parents:



The next thing I got was from my dad, and I was so so so happy when I got this. And that was a giant teddy bear. Costco sells the really big ones so my dad got me a gray one so it would match my room. (I named him Jimmy lol):

Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 9.51.32 PM.png


It is a tradition of mine where every year on my birthday I skip school and go to the mall/out to eat with my mom. This year, my mom and I went to Pandora to check out some rings and my mom got my the “My Princess”Ring. It is the silver one. Basically everyone has this but it was very special to me.



For my birthday, since it isn’t a big year, I went out to dinner with 6 of my friends. (It was supposed to be 8 but 2 unfortunately couldn’t make it). We went to a place called NoDa (When In North Carolina…), took pictures there, and went to a restaurant called Cabo Fish Taco. I don’t like seafood and even though they are known for their fish tacos, their entire menu is extremely delicious. My amazing friends all got wonderful gifts for me that they definitely did not need to do.


My friend Yvonne got me such a sweet gift.  She got me a beautiful necklace, a mug with tea packs inside (because she knows how much I love tea), and a really pretty nail polish!


My friend Anna also got me an amazing gift that hasn’t come in yet, but I screamed when I found out. She bought me the Kylie Jenner Birthday Edition Liquid Lipsticks. I mentioned in another post before how much I wanted  a matte lipstick by Kyle and I am seriously so excited to receive this gift. It was so sweet of her! Also expect a review/swatches of the 6 colors it comes with!


I also got plenty of gift cards which I actually really love getting! It gives me the ability to satisfy my shopping habits without hurting my wallet. I am addicted to online shopping and shopping in general so I am incredibly thankful to:

My best friend Sammy: PINK Gift Card

Emory: Pacsun Gift Card

Emily: AE Gift Card

& Katie: Forever 21 Gift Card

I love you guys so much!

Screenshot 2016-09-13 at 9.50.17 PM.png

I also got a gorgeous picture frame from my friend Morgan and the beautiful necklace above from my sister, Abi!


I wanted to say thank you all for making my birthday special! I love you lots


Han. Xx




Hello lovelies! So as today is my, birthday I really wanted to look cute for the day’s events so here’s a quick little ootd from today! Enjoy!! Love you guys a ton! Also stay tuned for a “What I Got For My Birthday” haul!!


Dress: Forever 21 (IT WAS ONLY $12!)

Denim Jacket: Vintage Shop near Me

Necklaces: Pacsun (long one is $16 and the short one comes in a pack that is $12)

Booties: Nordstrom ($50) 
Hope you enjoyed! Love you lots!

Han. Xx


Hello lovelies! I am back today to share with you guys all the thoughts that have been going through my mind lately. Obviously, life can get very hectic. It is bound to happen. But sometimes in the midst of all the craziness and the struggles, you have to sit back and think, “well damn, I’m blessed”. In my case, I go about my day complaining about things so petty and so stupid. I am too caught up in the silly things that go wrong or wondering about my self worth, that I do not stop and think about life. Just life. And all the amazing people I’ve been blessed with or all the things I possess that I take for granted. Lately, I have been kind of down. Down about my appearance, down because I think I am never good enough. I’ve just been in a rut of emotions what with school starting back and all the stress that comes with that. And as I was talking to my friend Samiyah or @sammybeautyblogger (she’s my amazing best friend, go check her out), I just felt an overwhelming amount of gratefulness for her. My best friend has heard me rant on and on about things that do not actually matter, like boys or appearance, and every time I tell her things she is always here to listen to me and make me feel so good about whatever situation I am in.  She knows how to brighten my day and I love her for that. I don’t know what I would do without my best friend, and yet I still complain about so many dumb things. Can you imagine not having that one person you love, that you can say anything to, be in your life? I couldn’t even fathom that, but again, I am so caught up on everything else. Another thing I take for granted way to much is my mom. My mother has given her life to raising me and taking care of me. And even with all that, even still, it infuriates me when I do not get my way. I know deep down that my parents only want what is best for me, yet I still give them so much crap if what they say is not what I want. School is another thing I take for granted right now. I know, school sucks. It’s awful, we all know. But, just think of the thousands upon thousands of kids who do not get an education like you do. School is such a big blessing and honor to be able to do. To further your knowledge is a great thing. At the end of the day, if you are reading this right now that means you are blessed. Whatever device you are using to read this is a blessing. No matter what walks of life you have been through, just know, you are so blessed. Remember to be thankful for everything you ave. Don’t live your life in the negative, but be positive and optimistic. Another thing to remember is that you are all beautiful. No matter what you think or  others may say, you are all amazing and beautiful. I love you guys and have an amazing day.